Active BF

ActiveBF is an ActiveX control and DirectShow video capture driver built around BitFlow SDK and designed for rapid application development tools, such as Visual Basic 6, VB.NET, Visual C++, C#, Delphi, Java, Matlab, Python, Adobe Flash etc. With ActiveBF your application will immediately support all of Bitflow framegrabbers: the Road Runner, Raven, R3, R64, Neon, Karbon, and Alta.

ActiveBF does not require an expert level programming and can be used virtually in any programming environment. You simply drop one or several ActiveBF objects on the surface of your application and you have full control over multiple cameras, plus the ability to display the live video right away. It literally takes minutes to develop a simple application while having very basic programming skills. You can even insert ActiveBF control into an MS Word or PowerPoint document and have the live video embedded right into your presentation.

ActiveBF offers comprehensive property dialogs with full control over framegrabber attributes, time-lapse AVI 2.0 recording with selectable compression, instant access to image buffers and pixels, real-time image processing, color overlays of graphics and text, image flipping and rotation, histogram and statistical calculations, frame averaging and integration, built-in background correction, and display anti-tearing. Included TWAIN and DirectShow drivers provide a universal plug-and-play interface between BitFlow boards and third-party imaging and video recording applications. Bundled with ActiveBF are ready-to-use applications and multiple code samples in different programming languages.

ActiveBF is sold and supported by BitFlow's partner A&B Software. A&B designs custom software solutions for BitFlow's hardware products.

  • Acquire and display live video from one or several BitFlow boards
  • Use up to 8 physical or virtual framegrabbers.
  • Select among multiple camera sources.
  • Set a desired video format and triggering mode.
  • Adjust hardware brightness, contrast, and gamma.
  • Choose among several palettes for pseudo-color display.
  • Grab 8-, 10-, 12-, 14-, 16-bit monochrome and 30-, 36-, 42- and 48-bit color images.
  • Perform automatic color interpolation of raw video generated by Bayer cameras.
  • Select the desired size of the scan area.
  • Set the desired scroll and zoom modes.
  • Get an nstant access to pixel values and pixel arrays.
  • Per-line refresh mode for line-scan cameras.
  • Retrieve individual color planes from RGB images.
  • Import acquired images to PictureBox objects.
  • Save images in BMP, TIFF and JPEG formats.
  • Time-lapse capture to AVI 2.0 files and image sequences.
  • Overlay custom graphics and texts on live video.
  • Perform real-time histogram and statistical analysis over a selected color component.
  • Communicate with cameras via Camera Link serial port.
  • Perform image processing on incoming frames and display them in real time.
  • Flip and rotate live image.
  • Control digital input/ouput bits on the board.
  • DirectShow Video Capture (WDM) driver to third-party video-recording applications
  • Real-time running average and integration of video frames
  • Built-in LUT (lookup table), software brighnest, contrast and WB control
  • Built-in background (dark and flat field) correction.
  • Anti-tearing option for eliminating display artifacts.
  • Enhanced thread-scheduling for dual-CPU and hyperthreading support.

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